Wanna blog for Health Extension?

The Health Extension Blog’s purpose in life (hopefully a really long and healthy one) is to engage members within and outside our community with accessible and interesting content about longevity.
We are actively seeking blog proposals. If you would like to contribute, please send a brief (4-6 sentence) summary of the post to mail@healthextension.co
Thanks for your interest in contributing.


1.) The Health Extension Community focuses on technologies necessary for extending life beyond current limits. We believe that the need for information on healthy lifestyle choices is greatly and rightfully served elsewhere on the internet. Our eyes are on scientific leaps creating healthy and happy 123 year old humans and beyond.

2.) Blog posts should address a broad but moderately technical audience. Please don’t write a Scientific journal entry, but feel free to link to one.

3.) The posts should be 100-500 words.

4.) We encourage visuals but don’t require them.

5.) We are a community of constructive action and our blog reflects that.