So, how was SENS 6?

by Traci Parker

Wondrous. Illuminating. Enlightening.   
Cambridge, Queens College, is like a snapshot from the past, which contains some of brightest minds in the scientific community. A perfect setting for the SENS6 conference. It was awesome to see so many people from the Bay area all the way in Cambridge! 
Health Extension folks gathered at SENS6

Health Extenders gathered at SENS6

I was astonished when I learned about Dr. Rigdon Lentz, and his Immune Pheresis technology, which literally removes inhibitors created by cancer cells to shield themselves from attack. Using a technology akin to dialysis, immunepheresis removes these inhibitors from the patient’s bloodstream, eliciting a natural immune system response that in most cases leads to rapid tumor shrinkage. The clinical results achieved in patients demonstrates an incredible high success rate! His work in Immunology now lends itself to patients in Germany, or anyone who can travel there for treatment. 
Another one of my favorite presentations was that of Health Extension Salon’s very own, John Furber of Legendary Pharmaceuticals. John is researching the potential benefits of inhibiting or removing the accumulation of lipofuscin/ceroid and other crosslinked aggregates in nondividing cells. I am really glad we had a chance to visit more while in Cambridge, he is so smart!
SENS6 attendees also received a copy of the book The Ageless Generation: How Advances in Biomedicine Will Transform the Global Economy by Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD. I started the book while I was still at the conference, and finished it on the flight home.  If you haven’t read it already, GET IT NOW!! I can’t wait for his next one! 
book inscription
 The last day, we enjoyed “Punting on the River Cam,” which started in the rain and finished in the sunshine .  I opted to join one of my Health Extension Salon friends on a jaunt to Oxford, where we had dinner with Anders Sandberg,PhD,  a researcher, science debater, futuristtranshumanist, and author. Such a magical night, he is so well informed on such a variety of topics, and I think he enjoyed my “If you could travel back in time or to the future, which would you choose?” dialogue. It’s like my barometer to the psychology of people.
Traci & Anders

Traci Parker & Anders Sandberg

So, How was SENS6?
Brain candy for the soul…..