Our mission is based on the following premise:

  1. Most healthcare money treats age-related diseases
  2. Aging is the single biggest risk factor for these diseases
  3. But funding to address the biochemical processes of aging is <0.01% of healthcare spending!
  4. Our mission to increase this percentage, and accelerate efforts toward therapies to prevent age-related diseases

The Health Extension community is committed to collaborative action to extend healthy and happy human lifespans. Our members are scientists, entrepreneurs, and social influencers dedicated to fixing the degenerative cellular processes that cause deadly human diseases.

Our monthly salons in Mountain View and San Francisco bring together passionate and capable people across industries to exchange ideas about funding and supporting life-saving scientific research and distribution of therapies. Our community leaders host workshops and fundraising events to strengthen our membership and our mission.

Our projects include our project funding pipeline, scientific research, internships, and policy work.

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