If you would like to give a 5-minute presentation of a science idea at the next Health Extension Salon, please enter your info below. It should be germane to the mission of Health Extension.

There will be a mix of scientists, investors, entrepreneurs, and general public in attendance. Your talk can be technical, but should include at least a little bit of intro to give people who are not familiar with your field some context, sort of like a Wikipedia article does.

For our audience, the talks will be required to follow the Ignite Talks format, as used at FOO camp and elsewhere (unless you are a very experienced presenter, and can give a web link to a previous talk that demonstrates you know how to maintain flow, and present within time limits — in this case, please request this, and put the link into the description field).

There will be slots for 5 science pitches at each salon, so if you don’t make it into this one, then (assuming the community continues loving having science pitch session) you will have your shot at the next one.

Questions? –> Science@HealthExtension.co

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