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The future of aging biology research

By Traci Parker  Health Extension is a piece of the puzzle in educating young minds in STEM. Silicon Valley is famous as a place for entrepreneurs to make a go of it, but I had no idea it could also foster such unusual opportunities for kids to slalom into greatness – here is the future […]

So, how was SENS 6?

by Traci Parker Wondrous. Illuminating. Enlightening.      Cambridge, Queens College, is like a snapshot from the past, which contains some of brightest minds in the scientific community. A perfect setting for the SENS6 conference. It was awesome to see so many people from the Bay area all the way in Cambridge!  I was astonished […]

Dangers of Clean Living

People are concerned with improving their diets, optimizing their exercise, tuning their supplements.  I am often asked, due to my central role in Health Extension, for health advice, for speaking slots, or for a chance to promote this or that supplement company or fitness app. The problem is that none of these things do much […]

n birds, 1 stone

(Summary of a session of the same title presented by Joe Betts-LaCroix at SciFOO 2013) Thesis: Most healthcare money treats age-related diseases.  Aging is the single biggest risk factor for these diseases.  But spending on the biochemistry of aging is less than 0.01% of healthcare spending and thus too low Wouldn’t it increase total social good […]