Energetics and Human Aging

Join us for Dinner with Professor Greg Tranah, from UCSF and CPMC. From mitochondrial origins to circadian rhythms: how DNA mutations, cellular mechanisms and activity patterns influence longevity. About his work: From the CPMC: Dr. Greg Tranah, CPMCRI Scientist and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics at UCSF is among a select […]

Telomeres in Cancer and Tissue Regeneration

Prof. Steve Artandi, Stanford Perkins Coie Join us for Dinner with Professor Steve Artandi, from Stanford -- at Perkins Coie in Palo Alto. Telomeres in Cancer and Tissue Regeneration About his work: From Stanford: Steve Artandi serves as a Professor of Medicine (Hematology) and Biochemistry at Stanford University. He also teaches a class on "Current […]

Preserving Neural Stem Cells During Aging

Ashley Webb The Pace Gallery in Menlo Park Join us for Dinner with Dr. Ashley Webb, from Stanford University  -- at the Pace Gallery in Menlo Park! About Dr. Webb's work: Dr. Ashley Webb is currently a postdoctoral fellow in Anne Brunet's lab at Stanford University. Dr. Webb focuses on the molecular mechanisms responsible for the decline in neural […]

Stem Cells and Aging: How Cellular Stress Affects Aging

Prof. Emmanuelle Passegué How does cellular stress affect lifespan? Does donating blood cause more cellular replication? Reducing lifespan? Come listen to Prof. Emmanuelle Passegué from UCSF share her interesting research on blood stem cells and how they can age us. Prof Passegué earned her PhD degree from the University Paris XI, France and then performed […]

Screening Anti-Aging Compounds

The Health Extension Foundation and Entrepreneur's Longevity Club Present: Prof. Simon Melov How can we screen for anti-aging compounds? What is the best way to create a therapy from there? Come listen to Prof. Simon Melov from The Buck share his research on screening anti-aging compounds that have worked well in flies or worms, and find out how well […]

Brain circuit function and aging: Can we take back control?

Dr. Jin Hyung Lee The Lee Lab uses interdisciplinary approaches from biology and engineering to analyze, debug, and manipulate systems-level brain circuits. They seek to understand the connectivity and function of these large-scale networks in order to drive the development of new therapies for neurological diseases. This research finds its basic building blocks in areas […]

Using Computers to Simulate Entire Cells

The Health Extension Foundation Presents: Prof. Markus Covert of Stanford   Software is eating the world! To master our biology, and thus aging/disease, we need to understand biology, but we are very far from that goal. Ultimately, we should be able to model our entire physiology on a computer. The closest we've come to that […]

A Uniquely Successful Health Extension Start Up

Come listen to Professor Judith Campisi talk about her research and co-founding Unity biotechnology, a uniquely successful health extension start up. A special 10 minute talk on Tissue Damage and Aging will also be given by Harshi Peiris who recently won the Hillblom award.

Bay Area Aging Meetup

The next Bay Area Aging Meetup is hosted at Standford, November 3, 2017. Register here.

Clear Senescent Cells in Order to Live Longer & Healthier

Hogan Lovells Menlo Park 4085 Campbell Ave #100, Menlo Park, CA, United States

Senescent cells are the hottest topic in aging and biotech. They have been linked to a diverse range of chronic diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, most cancers, dementia, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and frailty. Treatments to clear senescent cells are widely expected to improve health more than most drugs in history. Last Salon, we met Judy Campisi, […]